Starting & Building a Nonprofit

Starting & Building a Nonprofit, 5th edition (2013)
by Peri Pakroo

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If you’re ready to save the world, here’s the book you need. Rescue a school library. Preserve an endangered species. Support the arts. Whatever it is you want to do to give back to your community, Starting & Building a Nonprofit provides the kick-start you need.

Filled with user-friendly information, practical advice and step-by-step instructions, this book is your guide through the process of getting your nonprofit up and running. It explains how to:

  • pick the perfect name for your organization
  • structure a nonprofit to achieve your goals
  • choose a federal tax-exempt status
  • create a mission statement
  • develop a strategic plan and initial budget
  • launch a successful fundraising plan
  • recruit and manage board members and volunteers
  • hire and train staff
  • obtain necessary insurance
  • market your organization
  • and much more.

Starting & Building a Nonprofit goes beyond paperwork — it addresses the big picture, showing you how to create a solvent, efficient organization that will make a real difference. All the forms you’ll need are included as tear-outs and on CD-ROM.


Editorial Reviews

“Offers practical advice to allow nonprofits to set up their operations so that they run smoothly and efficiently.”
—Deborah Brody Hamilton, Director, Member Services, Association of Small Foundations

“Offers tons of practical advice and step-by-step instructions.”
—Accounting Today

“Takes readers through the nuts and bolts, from deciding on a name to bookkeeping.”
—Library Journal