Peri Pakroo


I welcome opportunities to speak with the media on small business, nonprofit and communications issues. For press inquiries, contact me at 505-453-3155 or at peri [at] peripakroo [dot] com.



Articles and Press Mentions

How to Improve Your Financial IQ
Peri’s article on how to stop avoiding your numbers — there’s nothing to be afraid of and everything to gain., 8/25/10

Systematize One Process at a Time
Peri’s article on a simple approach to system-building for busy small business owners.
The Huffington Post, 6/20/11

Start Me Up
Feature piece on Peri and how she “guides newbie women business owners along the start-up path.”
Local iQ, 2/24/11

How to Register a Start-Up
The New York Times, 3/31/10

Death is certain; chaos does not have to be
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 7/21/08

Up & Running
Entrepreneur, March, 2008

Raising Prices Doesn’t Mean a Hard Bargain
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 11/19/2007

Is Your Startup Idea Any Good?
Smart Money, 2/24/2005

Simple Startup Flubs to Avoid
Business Week, 12/27/2004